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Since its foundation in 1949 the Cycling club Rog has become regarded as a top notch racing club. Many successful cyclists played the key role in the evolution of Slovenian cycling.

In the field of organizing competitive and recreational races the club takes part in Marathon Franja BTC City, Ljubljana-Trieste friendship Marathon and other national / regional competitions for all age groups. Marathon Franja BTC City is the biggest recreational cycling event in Slovenia and represents an example of well-organized international event uunder the sponsorship of the BTC Company. For many Slovenians the name “Franja” refers to much more than just a sports event. Concerning the attendance, the atmosphere and the organization of the event it has long ago became a true cycling holiday, attracting over 7.000 cycling enthusiasts and families from Slovenia and abroad.

People works in Cycling club Rog are passionate and committed to give young sportsmen a chance to develop their sport carrier.

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UISP (Italian Sport for All Association) has among his principles the promotion of sport for all without any form of discrimination. For this reason it promotes activities of solidarity, promotion of sport and health, activities for the social inclusion which involves many people.

UISP is composed as following: 1 National Headquarter, 19 Thematic areas (research and counselling on specific topics related to sport, training and social inclusion), 20 Regional Committees, 156 Local committees, 25 national sports leagues, 18.015 sports club associated, 1.330.000 individual members.

Every year UISP carries out training projects, activities, seminars on topic related to the values of Sport For All, dedicated to teachers, trainers, educators and students on the whole national territory, realised in different contexts as schools, youth and sport centers. It is founder member of FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) and promotes lot of international campaign of sport against discrimination and doping and it is a member of ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association).

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Sportska zajednica Istarske županije has been established in January 1996 in Pula, Croatia. It is an association of 31 professional sports federation and 12 city and municipal sports federations. With 18.500 memberships organized in 650 sports clubs, the Union of sports is the largest citizens’ sports movement in Istria. It is the non-governmental umbrella organization for all sports clubs and federations in Istria.

Union of sports role is to provide and create conditions for cooperation with and within our members and develop sports activities and programs in the Region for all groups regardless of age. The main focus is on children, young people and seniors and people with less opportunity in sports. One part of the program includes also competitive aspects of sports, education and development of sport programme for members.

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The Slovak Cycling Federation is the national governing sport organization in Slovakia. Slovak Cycling Association provides physical activities in forms of sport for all and amateur and professional cycling with 135 registered clubs and 1756 members. Cycling clubs cooperate with municipalities and the association of towns and municipalities for effective assistance at the regional level to organize competition and cycling events.

Slovak Cycling Federation organize race for young sportsman called Young Tour of Peter Sagan and races on the UCI and UEC level.

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Sportunion Carinthia is a sports umbrella organization with about 50,000 members in over 450 clubs in Carinthia.  The focus of the association’s work is on advisory services (legal, tax, administrative) for their members and developing sport’s programme and project initiatives in Carinthia. The SPORTUNION promotes sport and physical activity and represents the interests of organized sport in Austria. The aim is to make the joy of active lifestyle, promote competitive sports that enhance individual fitness and raise the holistic well-being. With 63 different sports, Sportunion has the most diverse sports in the Carinthia sports landscape.

The motto of the Association SPORTUNION Austria is “SPORTUNION -We move people!” and of the SPORTUNION Carinthia “We are sports!”