Cormons has high hopes of My Sport is Franja event

Toros e Gasparin

Deputy mayor Lucia Toros of the municipality Cormons, and Elena Gasparin, councillor for tourism in Cormons tell in this interview about My Sport is Franja event My Bike, My Culture, My Collio (La Mia Bici, La Mia Cultura, Il Mio Collio) on 7 May in Cormons. The municipality supports all activities of organizer UISP (the Italian union sport for all) and has joined the project ‘with enthusiasm’.

What can you tell us about the relationship between your administration and UISP?

Lucia Toros: ,,The City of Cormons has been working for years with the UISP and recognizes and appreciates its values and its goal to promote sport participation and its social engagement. In particular, the work of UISP with schools, as well as the hiking groups for adults.”

What are the main reasons that led you to participate actively in the organization of the Franja project?

Lucia Toros: ,,We enthusiastically joined the project My Sport is Franja because it promotes, through cycling tourism, the territory of Brda-Collio, its history, culture, landscape and gastronomy. Cormòns and Collio have the great fortune to be beautiful, charming and potentially attractive for tourists. Cormòns is quite popular, especially in Austria and Germany. However, it can be even more so and this project will help us to embark on a path of improvement in the field of tourism.”

What are the characteristics of Collio?

Lucia Toros: ,,The Collio best represents the idea of ‘SLOW LIFE’, a lifestyle that allows you to enjoy nature; landscapes, fruits and the hospitality of the people who work and live there. We must therefore seize the opportunity to create a virtuous circle in which everyone, institutions and individuals, are called to develop the best tourist offer.”

Cormons has always been a very active town from the cultural point of view. Which cultural events are planned during the two days?

Elena Gasparin: ,,Cormòns is very culturally active. During the two days of My Sport is Franja you can visit all the beauties of Cormons. In fact, for those who will come on Saturday there will be a guided tour in the city and the next day you can visit the church of Preval with prof. Ferruccio Tassin, who a few years ago wrote the book ‘The churches of Collio’. Among the many events there will also be an art exhibition and a conference on Saturday evening that has as central theme the bike.”

A small provocation: culture and cycling, two areas that are incompatible or perfectly complementary?

Elena Gasparin: ,,Without hesitation I say perfectly complementary. Because cycling, better than other forms of tourism, allows you to appreciate the scenery in all its forms. Speaking of slow mobility is approaching a new way of life. Travelling slow you can savor the beauty of the area in a new, more appealing way, away from the typical mass tourism of other areas of our country.”

What do you expect will be the positive effects of My Sport is Franja in Cormons, and more generally to the Collio, in the long run?

Elena Gasparin: ,,The effect will certainly be important, also in view of the participation of tour operators. On one hand I hope that the tour operators will get to know us more and bring more people to Collio, on the other hand I hope that this experience connects those in our territory who are responsible for tourism because it’s crucial that you learn to network. Finally, I hope, that the region will take the touristic potential of Collio more into account.”