In the same weekend that Marathon Franja BTC City was held in Slovenia it was My Sport is Franja time in Trnava, Slovakia. Trnava, a historic town in the west of Slovakia hosted not only My Sport is Franja but also the Tour of Slovakia with a stage finish on Saturday and a start and finish on Sunday. Children’s activities, bike shows and a bike tour, which was also suited for families, made it a true bike fest in Trnava.


Podpis za Franjo je kampanja projekta »Moj šport je Franja« za ozaveščanje pomembnosti vrednot v športu. S podpisom peticije izkažete, da so vrednote v športu pomembne za vas in s tem podpirate naša prizadevanja, da vrednote krepimo skozi povezovanje športa in kulture. V nadaljevanju si preberite našo zgodbo o razlogih za nastanek peticije.

With over 200 people on Saturday and 300 on Sunday the events of the My Sport is Franja project in the Italian town of Cormons exceeded the most optimistic expectations. Main organizer UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti) Fruili Venezia Giulia offered two days of activities which ended with the main event; the La Mia Bici, La Mia Cultura, Il Mio Collio cultural bike ride.


Interview with writer and cyclotourist Emilio Rigatti who tells about his passion for the bicycle and describes the peculiarities of the Collio region. The main Italian event of the European project My Sport is Franja is the bike tour La Mia Bici, La Mia Cultura, Il Mio Collio. Rigatti will be at the tour and on the eve of the tour he will be a guest at the discussing about cycling.

Deputy mayor Lucia Toros of the municipality Cormons, and Elena Gaspari, councillor for tourism in Cormons tell in this interview about My Sport is Franja event My Bike, My Culture, My Collio on 7 May in Cormons. The municipality supports all activities of organiser UISP (the Italian union sport for all) and has joined the project ‘with enthusiasm’.

The start of Marathon Franja in 2016.

The first, the best, the winner. Fixated on the performance side of sport, we often overlook a far more important aspect of it; VALUES. Sport’s unique ability to enrich, enlighten and connect people needs more attention.


Signature for Franja is a My Sport is Franja campaign to raise awareness of human values in sport. By signing the petition you show that values in sport matter for you and that you support our efforts to make this visible by connecting sport and culture. Read further for the story behind the petition.

School and Family Maraton Franja with more than +3000 participants.

Shopping centres are usually the domains of motorists. It is therefore extra remarkable that Slovenian shopping centre BTC City has been a loyal sponsor of cycling. We asked Maja Oven, head of marketing and communication at BTC City, about the motivations behind the sponsoring.


The famous Belgian cycling classic Gent-Wevelgem will in its next edition commemorate the Christmas Ceasefire of 1914. The race through the former battlefields of WW I has become an example for integrating cultural heritage and cycling.

President Elena Debetto of the Italian Union Sport for All (UISP), department Fruili Venezia Giulia expects a long and fruitful cooperation in the pursuit of My Franja’s goal to connect sport and culture. UISP is partner of My Sport is Franja and here Debetto explains why.