Franja Academy aim is to develop educational and training modules and to present best practices in sport.
Our vision is to establish the name Franja in Europe as a synonym of good practice in sports and connect people in the field of sports and cultural heritage.

Why Sport and cultural Heritage?

Solidarity, friendship, mutual understanding, persistence, and fairness represent five aspects of shared cultural and sport values that are part of the history of the Franja Partisan Hospital and Marathon Franja BTC City. In cooperation with City Museum Idrija and project partners we have a goal to transmit the message of the importance of cultural values and sportsmanship onto the project partners, young athletes, and all participants at sports events.


Cycling team Rog with the help of its project partners and all joined organisations, the Franja Academy directs the evolution into an annual event, which will be a platform for the socialising of the representatives of sports clubs, volunteers, young people, sports organisations, cultural institutions, and tourism associations. The entire project “My Sport is Franja” has the potential of adding an international dimension to Marathon Franja BTC City and, over the coming years, of contributing to it and becoming a renowned European sports event with activities in the field of sport, education and cultural heritage.

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Project Coordinator / Contact person:
Samo Kofol