Welcome at My Sport is Franja

My sport is Franja is a European initiative for the integration of sport and European cultural heritage. My Sport is Franja wants to share good practises in sport and connect people from the field of sports with people from the field of culture. Leading in the whole project are the 5 human values (solidarity, friendship, fairness, persistence, perseverance, mutual understanding) which are important in sports and which were important in World War II Franja Partisan Hospital Franja after which Maraton Franja and this project is named.

Who is behind the project?
My Sport is Franja is a project of 5 partners, Slovenian cycling club Rog in cooperation with the Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti from Italy, the Union of Sports Istrian County from Croatia, the Slovak Cycling Federation and Sportunion Carinthia from Austria.

What do we do?
The partners of My Sport is Franja are the organizers of Franja Academy; a conference in which good practices in sports are shared with a special focus on volunteers, youth and cultural heritage. They also organize ‘Franja on Wheels’ bike events in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and Austria. My Sport is Franja is present at many other events promoting values and cultural heritage.

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Our heritage
The My Sport is Franja project stems from Slovenian bike marathon Maraton Franja. The marathon is Slovenian biggest cycling event. For many Slovenians the name “Franja” refers to much more than just a sports event, it has become part of Slovenian culture. The marathon, which first edition was held in 1982, was named after the Franja Partisan Hospital from World War II.

Maraton Franja

Franja Partisan Hospital